My goal is to create short messages that impact people (including me!) in big ways.

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Hey! I’m Ben.

Originally from MD, I now live in the sun and palm trees of FL.

A few months ago, I joined a program for young entrepreneurs with hopes of building a career I love. …



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Have you ever written every day for 30 days?

Well… it’s Medium, so I’ll guess a good deal of you can say yes. But, I’m halfway into my challenge and today I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to write.

I thought — well, tomorrow I’ll post some deep post…



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Maybe there’s not really a ‘right’ answer, and usually, you won’t have to choose.

But, effective might be more… effective?

When you’re effective, you’re meeting your goals!

When you’re efficient, you’re getting things done!

On one hand, they are just words.

On the other, it can be important to realize…



I’ve been seriously procrastinating lately.

I’m still getting things done… but it’s probably similar to a functioning alcoholic.

I find myself craving sessions of focus and productivity, yet I haven’t been sitting down to create those moments.

With deadlines looming over me, I decided to change things up.

I’ve been…