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Benjamin Etzold
2 min readNov 10, 2020
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What you think about, you bring about.

That’s what the message of the TED talk I watched today.

In it, Blaine Oelkers talks about the Reticular Activating System.

It’s the reason, as Blaine explains, that we start to see a certain type of car everywhere after having a conversation about it. It filters what we see by what we focus on.

To get an idea of how it works, look at the room in front of you for a few seconds. Try to remember everything that is brown.

Now, if you have done that, can you think of what was black?

It’s likely you won’t remember much, because you were focused on something else.

This idea can play into manifesting outcomes you want. What we intentionally focus on usually seems to start popping up.

Blaine suggests putting a message on your phone screen to help bring about what you want.

His screen?

‘Rock the TEDx talk’

If the screensaver on your phone is solely reserved for your dog, and that’s ok, I have found it helpful to put messages on my fridge.

You’ll see the message over and over — increasing the chances that it comes true!

You’re essentially advertising to yourself.

Even if you’re not into inspirational messages like that, the act of simply restating your goals and intentions every day puts those things at the front of your mind.

Get clear about what you want and keep focusing on it every day. Find creative ways to remind yourself. Maybe it’s writing a quote on your bookmark or a sticky note inside your work computer.

Visualize the goal. Your mind will make it happen.

If you want to learn more about RAS, setting intentions and getting the outcomes you want, check out this article!



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