Creating Great Content Doesn’t Have to Be Hard (How the Pros Do It)

Benjamin Etzold
2 min readNov 9, 2020
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Ever feel like you’re stuck for ideas?

Of course, you do. Everyone does!

I’m new to writing, and I want to figure out how to consistently produce engaging content. I could pay for courses and groups… but I could also learn for free!

I recently heard about the idea of creating a swipe file.

A swipe file is a collection that inspires you. It could be physical, like the one I created today for content marketing, or digital in an app like Notion.

Some things you could put in a swipe file:

  • emails from brands you’re interested in
  • case studies
  • podcast episodes you like the format of
  • screenshots of ads
  • branding or fonts
  • compelling writing or web copy

When you look at work you like or case studies with proven results, you can start to analyze why they worked.

Once you know why something worked, you’ll be able to replicate it!

Creating a swipe file is the learning method most pro writers use to improve their writing. — Enchanting Marketing

Earlier today I was deleting promotions and a subject line offering a free year subscription to the meditation app Calm enticed me to open.

I’m now a customer.

I was intrigued when I realized how effective the email was! By adding this example to my swipe file, I’ll have the inspiration to draw on whenever I want to write effective sales emails.

The idea of a swipe file for collecting work to analyze and learn from doesn’t just have to be for things like marketing content or sales emails.

If you’re learning a new skill creating a folder dedicated to housing your material can help you stay motivated and on track!

Learning guitar?

Keep a folder of songs you like, tabs, tutorials you’re watching, or styles you might want to learn.

Anything that inspires you is helpful in a swipe file. The key is not to overload it. You want to be able to reference solid work you can learn from and easily access.

Try setting up a swipe file this week!



Benjamin Etzold

I’m learning how to write meaningful content, this will be a process.