Embrace and Grow From The Downturns In Life

Benjamin Etzold
Nov 17, 2020
BBC Radio 4

Have you ever written every day for 30 days?

Well… it’s Medium, so I’ll guess a good deal of you can say yes. But, I’m halfway into my challenge and today I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to write.

I thought — well, tomorrow I’ll post some deep post about how it’s okay to mess up and that’s why I skipped a post…

I didn’t though.

A few days ago I wrote about thinking of the learning/growing process as a spiral.

We are constantly moving in an upward direction, but as in a spiral, there inevitably comes a time when things appear to go ‘down’ so to speak.

When the downtime comes, but we don’t give ourselves space to integrate what we’ve learned, we end up learning less and forgetting more.

You don’t ALWAYS have to be achieving. Sometimes, it’s best to let go a little bit.

Plus — there’s something great about thinking about growth in terms of a spiral.

After the downturn, the spiral expands and grows larger.


So, as I will do now, take some time to go rest and reset.

You’ll come back feeling solid and ready to take action.



Benjamin Etzold

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