The Most Important Thing Is That You Start

Benjamin Etzold
Nov 12, 2020

I’ve been seriously procrastinating lately.

I’m still getting things done… but it’s probably similar to a functioning alcoholic.

I find myself craving sessions of focus and productivity, yet I haven’t been sitting down to create those moments.

With deadlines looming over me, I decided to change things up.

I’ve been trying different systems for task management, but I still seem to have tasks floating around in my head, waiting to get pushed back further.

I decided to give it another try. I put a project into Trello and did a brain dump of all the tasks for one project. I started small.

Instantly, I felt better.

The same way I feel after leaving the gym when I haven’t gone for months.

Why did I stop doing this?

It’s easy to stop though, I know that.

Things get in the way, and continually updating a digital calendar is tedious, especially when you’re somebody that isn’t the biggest planner.

With a clear path laid out in front of me, I set a timer and got to work.

I started with 25 minutes, without putting expectations on my progress.

I’ve made it 33% so far, a lot further than zero.

Have a task you’ve been putting off?

Try starting small, and if you can’t do that, start even smaller. And while overlooked, at least by me, the constraints of a timer really take power away from procrastination.



Benjamin Etzold

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