Would You Rather Be Efficient or Effective?

Maybe there’s not really a ‘right’ answer, and usually, you won’t have to choose.

But, effective might be more… effective?

When you’re effective, you’re meeting your goals!

When you’re efficient, you’re getting things done!

On one hand, they are just words.

On the other, it can be important to realize that you should focus both on doing what will produce results and how to do it in the best way.

Let’s say your goal is to learn how to use Webflow to build a website in 1 week.

You could be really efficient, you could watch videos about basic web design on 2x speed (you should) while reading a book about writing web copy.

At the end of a week, you would know a lot about web design basics, but you’d be left with no website and no specific program knowledge!

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” — Tim Ferriss

If you wanted to be effective, you’d probably need to watch tutorial videos on the exact web design platform, maybe slow it down to 1.5x (sloth-like..I know), and work along with the videos.

Once you’re effectively completing a task, you can easily find ways to optimize the performance of the system.

Look for areas where you can create small routines to like seen in manufacturing processes.

But… take it slow at first…

You will end up reaching goals much faster, with high-quality results.



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Benjamin Etzold

Benjamin Etzold

I’m learning how to write meaningful content, this will be a process.